Blogging Tips & Tricks – Updated 2017

There are numerous tricks and tips you can use to get a blog of your very own off to a great start to help raise your profile and win you more business. The following are our best 20 tips for building a successful blog online.

1. How To Get Started

Your first challenge is to decide which blogging platform you want to use. There are many free options that are available, including Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr and WordPress. They all offer free themes, or you can also customize your blog. Therefore, it is quite easy to get a new blog started. If you don’t know how to use these themes you can find many online video tutorials all over the web. For instance, to help you get started, WordPress has a lesson list that you can refer to.

2. SEO Integration

In terms of SEO, it is very worthwhile to integrate your blog and existing website for building up your content and getting even more love from the search engines. After all, content is key when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). However, if you can’t afford to pay a web developer to do this for you or don’t know how to do it yourself, then get a free blog started and include links on it to your main website or any other properties you might have such as an artistic portfolio.

3. Niche Selection

Try to find a good niche when you are deciding what you want to blog about. Your blog should be about something that is very specific. That will please both your readers and the search engines. Don’t be too general. Instead you should focus on one specific topic and then stick with it. Remember to stay on your topic after you have discovered your niche.

4. Passion

Your writing won’t show any passion unless you write about things you are really interested in and love. Your content will definitely suffer if it doesn’t show any passion. So make sure you find topics that you are interested in and are comfortable with to write about. For instance, if you are a curator at a museum, discuss exhibitions and museums that you love, emerging trends and news from your industry. If you happen to be a theater director, you can write about people in the industry that you admire and share things from your work with your readers.

5. Offer Value

If you don’t offer the public something that it wants, you won’t ever have a successful blog. Give people what they are looking for and provide real value to them. The value you offer is contained within the content that you publish. If you don’t provide valuable content then people won’t read it or come back to read more of what you publish. Really consider what you are putting up online and provide people with what they are looking for.

6. Focus On Your Marketing

Unless you put in some marketing effort, your blog isn’t going to go anywhere if you just launch it and then hope people will find it. You need to actively market the blog. There are various ways that you can do this. You can start to have conversations with other bloggers through making valuable comments on their blog posts – that can help to attract readers to your blog. You can use the search engine to find topics that are popular within the searches. Or you can also offer to contribute content to influential blogs and ezines to help increase your profile even further. Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is to to get out and market yourself like crazy. You don’t have any excuse not to do so.

7. Encourage Interaction

Start conversations with readers on your blog. Ask people to add comments on different articles that you have posted. Encourage interaction as much as you can. Respond to comments, ask for feedback, be nice and build your own community. People love interacting with others, so be sure to be welcoming and friendly.

8. Simple To Comment

Realize that there are numerous reasons why people may not leave comments on your blog posts. It may range from writing negative things that people don’t want to participate in to not providing easy enough access for posting comments. The bottom line is that you need to make it as easy to comment as possible and write about issues that gets people talking in positive ways. If people are able to interact at your blog, they will continue to return to participate again and again.

9. Don’t Worry About Negativity

You might get negative comments occasionally on your blog. Don’t allow this to scare you away or put you off from blogging. Any of the comments that you are unhappy with can either be responded to inn a positive way or be deleted. Despite what you might have heard, you won’t face negativity too often, so you don’t need to worry too much about it.

10. Believe In Yourself

After your blog starts to receive over 1,000 visitors every month, it is understandable that you might start to lose some confidence in your writing and yourself. Just keep going and don’t get stage fright! You have that many visitors for a reason, so continue to write great content and believe in yourself.

11. Use Images

People really love images. Most of the world’s creative and popular blogs use lots of imagery. That is partly due to the fact that people love to be able to scan quickly through web pages and love seeing pictures and photos to help break the text up and add some visual interest to their reading experience. When creating content for a creative blog, it is essential to provide as many images as possible so that your audience has plenty of things for them to enjoy.

12. Simple To Read Content

According to research people scan and view web pages instead of reading every single word. Therefore, try to make your articles be quick and easy reads. Whenever possible provide lists and break the text up. From an SEO standpoint, have 250 words at least of copy. However sticking to this number is also good for you readers except for when you are writing a longer article. In that case, you should add lists or bullet points to hold your reader’s attention.

13. Article Titles

When you are trying to come up with things to blog about, make sure that your articles have interesting titles: one that individuals will search for in the search engines and use titles that are catchy and appealing. You want to inspire people’s curiosity and draw them in.

14. Stay Updated

A blog is similar to an online journal. You should keep your blog updated on a regular basis and add two articles per week at minimum. Ideally you should blog every day, particularly if SEO is a key priority of yours. Otherwise, just do you best to keep it going. When you go on vacation, use scheduling tools so that articles are posted on your blog automatically while you are away.

15. Minimize Clutter

Whenever you are designing your blog – by either using a free online blogging platform or starting one from scratch – make sure to have an uncluttered, fresh and clean layout. Don’t add a bunch of unnecessary features to your blog. Keep things easy on the eye so that your blog visitors will want to continue to come back for more time and time again.

16. Be Social

Don’t forget to be active on social media in places like Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to get them connect with the RSS feed for your blog and update your fans and followers with your new posts. Twitterfeed is an excellent tool for automatically publishing your posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Currently it looks kind of spammy on Facebook but is great for Twitter. Test it out first to ensure you are satisfied with the automatically tweets and updates that you are posting.

17. Review Analytics

Monitor how people are finding you and ending up on your blog. That will allow you to tailor your blog posts to the needs fo your readers in addition to being able to make the best use of the external sources that are helping to draw people into your blog. If you are purchasing any online advertising, you can use your analytics to determine whether your return on investment (ROI) is sufficient or not. Be sure to keep a close watch on your web analytics to make sure your blog is as powerful as it can be.

18. Easy To Follow

Put “follow” badges everywhere you can on your blog. For instance, Blogger provides you with a free widget that you can add which encourages your readers to “follow your blog” inside their Google readers. There is something similar provided by Tumblr that is integrated already. Be sure to offer an easy follow option for your blog, even it it is just an obvious link to the RSS feed.

19. Be Personal

If you can reveal more about yourself in your posts your readers will love it. People like following other people instead of brands. If possible have an “about” section on your blog and add a photo of yourself as well. When you offer a personal slant on your blog, it will encourage readers to like you and when you are able to tap into their emotions it encourages loyalty and therefore happy visitors who will return over and over again.

20. Grammar And Professionalism

Before hitting the “publish” button, it is critical that you proofread and check the spelling on your article. Poor spelling can seriously damage your credibility, and be detrimental to your SEO efforts as well since search engines don’t like bad copy Before going live, be sure to check everything first.

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